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Black Angus Whole Beef - DEPOSIT

Black Angus Whole Beef - DEPOSIT

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About 350-400 lbs - $11.49/lb


TOTAL: $4,021.50 - $4,592.00


DUE AT FULFILLMENT: $2,521.50 - $3,096.00

This is the initial deposit. Final amount is calculated by the amount of beef you will receive from your animal and will be due just before your beef ships out. 


1 Whole Beef: you can expect about 350-400 pounds of meat plus all organs and bones.

🔸 Steaks: Approximately 12-16 Sirloin Steaks, (10) 1 lb. packs of Cube Steaks, 14-18 New York Strip Steaks, 16-24 Rib Eye Steaks, 12-16 Filet Mignons, 4 Skirt Steaks, 2-4 large Flank Steaks or about 12 small Flank Steaks (depends on processor), 4 large or 8-12 small Flat Iron Steaks, 4-8 Chuckeye Steaks, 1 Hanger Steak.

🔸 40% Premium Ground Beef about 75-90 lbs plus burger patties ready to grill.

🔸Savory Cuts: Approximately about 20 Roasts, 10-16 packs of stew meat in convenient 1 lb, 10-16 packs of Stir Fry Meat in convenient 1 lb packs, 16-20 Cross Cut Shanks (aka Osso Buco) individually packaged, and ALL of the following 'odd cuts' such as 4 Brisket, & Short Ribs.

🔸 Bonus:  FREE SHIPPING or Delivery!


**Your bones and organs added in for free, just let us know if you want them.**

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