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It matters where your meat comes from. HERE'S WHY...


Unlike Factory Farms, Our Animals Are Raised Humanely on Pasture.

We use No Hormones, Antibiotics and no GMOs…Ever!

“Grass-fed” Means No Grain.. Ever!

We’re Committed to Regenerative Soil Practices.


Integrity Can’t be Guaranteed With Meaningless Food Labels.

With Us You’ll Know Your Farmer and Who Grew Your Food!

Unlike Huge Industrial Farms, You’re Welcome to Visit Our Farm and Learn Our Values.


Have Meaningful Dinner Conversations About “YOUR” Local Farmer and the Food You’re Eating!

Keep Dollars in Our Local Economy Supporting Local Small Business!

No Monthly Commitments! Fill Your Freezer or Order Weekly!

What our customers are saying:

The pork chops from Francesca's are more than amazing. They are the best tasting pork chops that I have ever eaten. Unlike grocery store pork chops with their flat taste, these pork chops make you happy to chew them. I've bought both "bone-in" and without bone and it make no difference, they are great. Everything that I've tried brats, eggs, steaks, hamburger, etc., is just wonderful.
Robert Meredith (Richmond, VA)
Service with a smile. There is a lot to be said for that. I met them at a local farmers market in South Hill, VA. They know their product and are happy to discuss it with you. They are reasonably priced, and the meat is out of this world!!! I would have attached a picture but, there were no leftovers.
Jason Corwin (South Hill, VA)
It’s the best tasting meat I’ve had! When working with Amie she is very friendly and personable. They care about their animals abd you can see their love for them and for the farm.
Jennifer Wolfe (Midlothian, VA)
Best steaks and sausage you can buy! I can't believe how flavorful and tender the steaks are and the sausage is perfectly seasoned and delicious.
Tracey Mocarski
Bone-in pork chops are to die for! Lamb, hamburger, roasts, eggs . . . all great. Amie has been very helpful, from picking out cuts to suggesting new recipes!
Andrea LaForce (Williamsburg, VA)
Having pork chops tonight from our bulk pork purchase from FDF. There is no greater peace of mind than knowing what you serve your family for dinner was a happy, healthy locally raised animal! Delicious of course too!!!! 5 stars for sure!
Laura Nyenhuis Chaleby (Chatham, VA)