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Scratch-made Sausages

Every sausage recipe is developed, tested and prepared right here at our Virginia farm! We use organic ingredients whenever possible and always use either our own pastured meats or local meats raised by farms we partner with. We list every single ingredient, too. It’s nothing like factory-farmed, factory-produced sausage!!

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Asian Sausage, Pork

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Grass-fed & Pastured Meats, Local Goods & More

Farm News

December 5, 2021
I really love to hear what other's are doing (and WHY) to improve their health, the environment or to just make themselves feel good. So many customers have told me their stories, while visiting our farm store, taking a farm tour, at farmer's markets or while meeting us a pickup locations to pickup their orders - and I think it's time to start sharing some of these stories! That brings me to the first story that I want to share from Ashley who is a long time customer from South Hill, Virginia.
November 14, 2021
Mom taught me to bake homemade bread and to make dinner. In fact, making the family dinner while she was at work was one of my chores, though I admittedly never thought of it as a chore - I enjoyed it so much. From my Dad, I learned the art of dessert making. I could have been a pastry chef... He called me from work several afternoons a week to coordinate the production of whatever dessert it was that he desired. And I'd make it happen. Those were the days (before wheat and sugar began to wreak havoc on me!) Now, I'm thinking, why not put my cooking skills to work? We have the inspected kitchen. We have the meats. I have the skills. My good friend Diana is interested in working with us to master it all (AND she's a great cook). So, why not? Even our inspector is on board with it.

Why Shop Direct from our Farm

1 Ethical

Unlike factory farms, our animals are raised humanely on pasture on our Virginia farm without the use of hormones, antibiotics & no GMOs ever! Our grass-fed meats are simply that – our cows happily pasture on grass and are never fed grains. Our farm is committed to regenerative soil practices and what’s best for the earth. Read more about our farm practices.

2 Transparent

We believe in our farm practices and in knowing where our community’s food comes from. Integrity can’t be guaranteed with meaningless food labels, but it can when our doors are open. Visit us! We love making new friends and telling others about what makes our Virginia farm so special: our values & dedication.

3 Local

Supporting local businesses in Halifax and surrounding areas is very important to us – keeping dollars here helps our farming community thrive. There’s nothing quite like having meaningful dinner conversations about your local farmer and the food you’re eating! With us there are no monthly commitments, and we value each customer’s support.

Farm Recipes

Not sure what to cook this week? We’ve got you covered — get inspired!

April 10, 2022
I have another lamb recipe for you this week from a cookbook called "Persiana, Recipes from the Middle East & Beyond," by Sabrina Ghayour. I think that food is a great way to begin to understand other cultures, after all, everyone eats! Food offers a reason to sit down together, to give thanks, and it's a great conversation starter. Plus, there are just so many great cuisines from around the world! This recipe was the bomb! It's a Persian kabob recipe with some rather interesting ingredients. It was just as good leftover too! In my American mind, kabobs are chunks of meat cooked on skewers on the grill or over a fire (camping memories!). I recently discovered that kabobs are not limited to chunks of meat! Kabobs can also be made from ground or minced meats that are formed around a skewer in a torpedo shape and then grilled! And, since the grill and I are not personal friends (Kevin and Z are responsible for ALL grilling here), kabobs made from ground meat can be formed into patties and cooked on the stove!! The following recipe was fantastic served with Cacik (also known as tzatziki) over a bed of lettuce and topped with fresh chèvre. It would also be great served in pita, wrapped in naan, or even wrapped in tortillas. Maybe add some chopped onion and tomatoes! I'm making a Herculean effort to avoid all bread (did a LOT of cheat eating on vacation and felt like I was dying) so salad style, as recommended in the book was how we ate them.

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October 17, 2021
We adored this recipe! It's very similar to an Indian curry. Though the recipe calls for beef, we made ours with a pork shoulder roast cut into cubes.

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October 16, 2021
Chicken Paprikash is a classic Hungarian dish featuring lots of paprika! It's a hearty treat and easy to make in your InstaPot. Serve it with some egg noodles, zucchini noodles, rice, or nothing at all and enjoy!

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