Birch Knowl Farm

Birch Knoll Farm is a small family farm that started in 2017 after a let’s-have-backyard-chickens turned into close to 100 chickens and
having to buy more land. We believe that happy chickens produce good eggs and we strive to keep our girls happy...and even the boys. We have both chicken and duck eggs of a variety (in all ways: colors, size, shape).

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Cow Creek Farm

Cow Creek Farm is located in Nathalie, Virginia. 

Local honey is all that they produce!

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  • 434-846-5994

Franchesca's Dawn Farm

Franchesca's Dawn Farm
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Harris Farm Grown Beef

IOJ Designs

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J&L Green Farm

Meadows Homestead and Farm

Local Halifax, VA eggs!  These eggs are not GMO free. 

Local and fresh.  Come and get them while they last!

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  • 843-655-0576

Moses Mill Farm

Moses Mill Farm

Moses Mill Farm is located in Chatham, Virginia. 

Our good friend Amy Davis operates this farm.

Moses Mill raises grass fed Dexter cattle, pastured pork, pastured chicken and eggs.  All of their products are nonGMO. 

You can find Moses Mill Farm at the Competition Ally Farmer's Market in Chatham, VA.

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  • (434) 661-7028

Sapphire Farms

We raise several heritage birds along with more modern birds. We enjoy our Buckeyes, Dominic’s, White Rocks, Rhode Island Reds, Australorpe’s, and White Leg Horn just to name a few breeds.

Our chickens, turkeys, and pigs are omnivores and obtain most of their nutritional needs from our pasture and woodland, eating acorns, bugs, grass, fruit, and root vegetables. We supplement with non-GMO and non-soy feed custom milled for our farm.

Sapphire Farms is a biodynamic farm.

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Serenity Farmstead

WoodSong Farm