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Antibiotic-free Feed

Our animals are never fed antibiotics. Antibiotics are only administered to animals who need it to treat injury or infection. We believe occasional antibiotic use is necessary for humane treatment and comfort of our livestock.

Whole Hog - DEPOSIT

about 120 lbs of mixed cuts

Half Hog - Deposit

about 70 lbs of mixed cuts
$29.61 savings
Avg. 3.8lb .
Avg. 0.85lb .
Avg. 0.9lb .
Avg. 0.9lb .
Avg. 3.25lb .
Avg. 8.5lb .
Avg. 5.4lb .
Avg. 1.29lb .
Avg. 8.5lb .
Avg. 1.9lb .
Avg. 1.5lb .
Avg. 5lb .
Avg. 26.5lb .
Avg. 21lb .
Avg. 18lb .
Avg. 16lb .
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