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WoodSong™ Pewter Finnsheep Mohair Bulky Yarn

WoodSong™ Pewter Finnsheep Mohair Bulky Yarn

75 Yards

Materials:  Wool, mohair, silver, worsted, pewter, grey

Symphonies of soothing harmonies! This naturally colored Pewter Finnsheep Mohair Bulky Yarn comes from WoodSong Farm (family owned and maintained). We endeavor to use only the finest materials grown on our farm with quality processes and care from beginning to end. Our animals are well-loved and cared for and fed the highest quality natural feeds. We use gentle and earth friendly methods and do not allow stripping or over processing on our fiber products. This yarn comes from our gray Finnish Landrace sheep and pewter Angora goat added for sleekness, shine, and drape. This lovely dark yarn has a lovely twist and bloom. The silver angora goat pictured contributed mohair for this item. This worsted weight yarn comes in variable yardage per skein.

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