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WoodSong™ Charlotte's Yarn Wool w/Mohair - Jade Green

WoodSong™ Charlotte's Yarn Wool w/Mohair - Jade Green

200 Yards

Materials:  Wool, mohair, Green, DK

Cool alluring greens! This natural eco-friendly dyed Charlotte's Yarn
Wool w/Mohair - Jade Green comes from WoodSong Farm (family owned and
maintained). We endeavor to use only the finest materials grown on our
farm with quality processes and care from beginning to end. Our animals
are well-loved and cared for and fed the highest quality natural feeds.
We use gentle and earth friendly methods and do not allow stripping or
over processing on our fiber products. The dye we use is non-heavy metal
which is much safer for you and the environment. This yarn comes from
our Finnish Landrace mixed breed ewe sheep and Angora goat (mohair dyed
multi-colored) added for more fun! This lovely shade of green will
reflect other subtle mohair colors in just the right light to add some

depth and mystery to this shiny yarn. The ewe pictured contributed the
wool for this item. Charlotte's Yarn DK weight carries all the
shadows of the muti-colored mohair hidden within the relaxing Jade green
smooth yarn.


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