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Whole Lamb Deposit

Whole Lamb Deposit

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Buy a Whole Lamb and stock your freezer while saving some money!

Here's how it works:

  • Reserve your whole Lamb by making a deposit - you'll receive an invoice later for the final bill when your meat is ready.
  • You fill the cut sheet (with help from Amie if needed) and get the cuts you want.
  • Free delivery within our delivery area or near one of our delivery areas.
  • If you need your order shipped we do need to charge for shipping (cost will depend on the number of boxes required and where it is shipping to).
  • Final cost will be calculated by the hanging weight of your Lamb. Hanging weight is what is left of the carcass after it has been skinned and eviscerated.
  • Cost is $6.00 per pound by hanging weight, plus the processing fee. Processing fee varies between the two processors that we use and ranges from $100 - $112.
  • We can make smaller quantities of custom sausage for you here for an additional fee.
  • Processing appointments are limited and the dates are not negotiable - it continues to be challenging to schedule appointments.
  • Lamb is generally ready within a week of processing.
  • Email Amie amie@franchescasdawnfarm.com to discuss your options!

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