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Sausages From Scratch Sampler

Sausages From Scratch Sampler

6 lbs Avg

The bundle features 6 packages of our From Scratch Sausages - they're made right here on the farm.

The bundle includes

  • 2 sausage from our Sausage of the Month flavors
  • 4 other sausages of our choice.

Please make a note in the comment section when you place your order if you have a preference for spicy or mild sausages and we'll be happy to accommodate.

The bundle will include a mix of meats including beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, and goat - depending on what's available when you order. If you prefer to not have a certain meat (many customers wish to avoid pork for example), please let us know so that we can pack your bundle appropriately.

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