“We just had ribeyes for dinner. My husband says it tastes like the meat from Argentina where his family is from. Thanks so much for all of your work with the animals. The meat is great!!!” Cindy

“The truism that you won’t enjoy sausage if you watch what goes into it does not hold true at Franchesca’s Dawn Farm. This is sausage you can enjoy because you know what goes into it. All the animals live outside in family groups and eat healthy food. The meats are absolutely delicious, you cannot find better. The animals are raised in a way that restores soil and protects water quality. But really, it’s about the bacon. “

Kendy Sawyer

I can’t imagine not caring about what I eat and where it came from. Your dedication to clean sustainable farming is a blessing and your hard work makes a difference–maybe in just a small way now but, hopefully soon, the name Franchesca’s Dawn Farm will be on everyone’s lips for miles around!”

Valerie Sadowski

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We attend the following market:

Halifax Farmer's Market

209 South Main Street, Halifax, VA
Open year around on Saturdays from 8am – 1pm
We keep a freezer of meats at the indoor booth of GTS Farms.

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