Smoked Pork Jowls – Jowl Bacon




Free Range Smoked Sliced Pork Jowls are really just bacon.  REALLY!  It looks and taste like bacon. It will not be shaped just like bacon, but it’s close enough.  When we run out of bacon, and we always do, this is a great substitute.

These are sliced and unsliced.  Look for a separate product for the unsliced coming soon!

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.2-.30 Pound, .31-.40 Pound, .41-.5 Pound, 0.51-0.60 Pound, 0.61-0.70 Pound, 0.71-0.80 Pound, 0.81-0.90 Pound, .91-1.0 Pound, 1.01-1.10 Pound, 1.11-1.20 Pound, 1.21-1.30 Pound, 1.31-1.40 Pound, 1.41-1.50 Pound, 1.51-1.60 Pound