Smoked Bacon – Uncured




Bacon from our free range heritage breed pigs is out of this world!

The bacon is smoked, but not treated with nitrates or nitrites, that means it is “uncured.”

All of the flavor, none of the bad stuff.

Ingredients:  Franchesca’s Dawn Farm Pork, Salt, Evaporated Cane Juice, and Natural Flavor (Celery Juice Powder), Sea Salt

No nitrates/nitrites added (only those naturally occurring).

Our bacon is made by Piedmont Custom Meats who makes the following commitment: “Piedmont Custom Meats does not use any spice blends containing USDA recognized allergens, Nitrates or Nitrites except those that naturally occur in a natural ingredient.”

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.25-.49 Pounds, 0.5-0.75 Pounds, 0.75-1.00 Pounds, 1.00-1.25 Pounds, 1.25-1.50 Pounds, 1.51-1.75 Pounds, 1.76-2.0 Pounds

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