Pastured GMO free Eggs from Franchesca’s Dawn Farm


Pastured GMO-Free eggs.  Our chickens follow the cattle around the farm most of the year.  They live in a mobile chicken “wagon.”  That’s an old hay wagon modified to be a chicken coop on wheels.  The hens are free to eat insects, worms, seeds, grasses and whatever else they choose.

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One dozen Pastured GMO-Free eggs produced right here at Franchesca’s Dawn Farm.

We keep a variety of chickens and you never know what color your eggs will be! Blue, green, light brown, dark brown, speckled…

Our chickens live either in portable chicken tractors or in a chicken wagon.  The wagon generally follows the cows around the fields where they forage for insects, grubs, grass and other forages.  The end result are incredibly tasty nutrient dense eggs with bright orange yolks!