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First Generation Farmers

After living and working in Latin America for ten years as diplomats, we were unexpectedly medically evacuated home in 2014 to help one of our children. With the farm previously purchased in anticipation of our future retirement we came home for recuperation. The farming adventure began with heritage breeds of American Milking Devon and Red Devon cows and Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs.

Our overseas eating experiences were very different from those in the US with some resultant healthy life changing habits occurring. Frozen foods were almost nonexistent and canned food options were not much better.  The ‘norm’ being fresh vegetables and meats. The impact of these limited food options is obvious – locals do not suffer from the same obesity rates as Americans.  The American obesity epidemic has not hit Latin America.

Making a difference in America with our farm.

We chose heritage breed livestock, animals never selected for production in Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). Our heritage breed animals thrive in their natural environment, producing flavorful and nutrient dense meats –  food the way Mother Nature intended.

We are excited to be your farmer, growing and sharing healthy choices for you.

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We anticipate attending local farmer’s markets again sometime in May of 2018.

Abbott’s Farm Supply

445 S Main St, Halifax, VA 24558



South Boston Farmer’s Market

300 Broad Street, South Boston, VA
(Parking Lot behind Distinct Impressions and 
across from True Value)

Halifax Farmer’s Market

209 South Main Street, Halifax, VA

Caswell Farmer’s Market – Semora, NC

4807 NC-57, just west of 119N , SemoraNC 27343


LATEST farm updates

Farm Life – Living in Chaos

Farm Life – Living in Chaos

    Farm life is NEVER boring.  It's often chaotic... So, I left the gate open last night when I went through the cow field to feed the pigs.  The cows, of course, helped themselves to the yard.  As I write this they are standing in the shade of the tree in our back...

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Food for Thought – the Roundup Coverup, Uncovered

Food for Thought – the Roundup Coverup, Uncovered

 For decades, the weed killer Roundup has been promoted as environmentally safe and harmless to humans. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, is the most widely used weed-killing chemical on farms, lawns, schoolyards, golf courses and other public spaces. Some...

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Farming – It Takes a Community!

Farming – It Takes a Community!

This is a shout out and big THANK YOU to my friends and neighbors who help make things happen around here! Most of the time, it’s just me doing all of the farm chores.  The kids do help, they have regular chores.  Zach feeds pigs in the evening and Carmin is in charge...

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Sausage – the Building Block for One Dish Meals!

Sausage – the Building Block for One Dish Meals!

  Easy, Complete Meals With Your Favorite Franchesca's Dawn Farm Sausage Spring Break is over and I guess it’s time for me to settle down and do some inside farm work.  I admit that it’s not my favorite kind of farm work.  I’d much rather be outside, especially now...

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Improving Pasture Over Winter Months

Improving Pasture Over Winter Months

Last week, after I introduced myself to a neighbor that I had not yet met, he informed me that he and his wife loved passing by my farm.  "Why?" I asked.  Because they never knew what they’d see!  I suppose there is always something different out front. Currently,...

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