Free-Range Pork

Our pigs have a dirty little secret

(they play in the dirt)



Gloucestershire Old Spots Pigs 

Out in the woods on our farm we raise Gloucestershire Old Spots pigs.  That’s a mouth-full, right?  We affectionately call them GOS pigs.

GOS are gentle heritage breed pigs which originated in Great Britain.  They are an endangered breed of pig, which means that it’s important to breed more of them, register them,  and of course to eat them. 

Why?  Well, first because they taste great (so much better than grocery store pork), and second because we need to preserve GOS genetics, so that  the pig gene pool remains diverse. Commercial hog growers like for their pigs to all look the same, grow the same, and taste exactly the same.  I suppose this is important if you are selling massive quantities of pork.

We don’t sell massive quantities of pork. 

We take our time.  Our pigs take at least a year to reach slaughter size.  Pastured pork, free-range pork, wood-lot pork, whatever you want to call it, it takes time.  This is slow-pork.  

Slow pork is the best kind of pork, with out-of-this-world flavor and all of the good kind of fat.



Pork Sausage!


Just about everyone loves sausage.

We stock a variety of flavors ranging from mild to spicy and sweet to cajun.  Great by themselves, or use them to dress up your favorite recipes.

Take a look and see what flavors tickle your fancy!

Pork Bones, Organs, Fat

Pork organs including liver and heart are an economical way to feed raw meats to your pet.

Leaf fat is used to make your own high quality lard at home and back fat is used for cooking (or render it into lard to use in home made soaps).

Find bones here to make your own homemade pork stock.

Pork Cuts

The Pork Picnic Roast is a cut from the lower part of the pork shoulder – below the Boston Butt. It’s often cured to make picnic ham. Other good ways to cook include braising, roasting, baking and simmering and let’s don’t forget BBQ and pulled pork…

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