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Our Farm Partners

We partner with other small family farms and artisans throughout Virginia, as well as raw milk cheese makers across the East coast.

  • Brian's Acres

    Brian's Acres

    Brian's Acres is composed of 3 generations of Brians (plus the rest of the McQuigg clan) working together to provide pastured poultry to our local community. Several life events, including the birth of their 1st child, caused them to take a serious look into improving their health. That is when they came across pastured meat and learned how it benefits health, the animal, and the environment (plus tastes great!), so they decided that we wanted to share it with the community!

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  • Cow Creek Farm

    Cow Creek Farm

    Locally-produced dark and light honey from Nathalie, Virginia!

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  • Franchesca's Dawn Farm

    Franchesca's Dawn Farm

    Grass-fed Beef, Pastured Pork, Pastured Chicken & More!

    Buy direct from our small farm for home delivery or pickup in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virginia, Georgia, and beyond!

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  • IOJ Designs

    IOJ Designs

    IOJ Designs specializes in one-of-a-kind handmade, upcycled and vintage inspired goods from their plantation in Southside Virginia.

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  • J&L Green Farm

    J&L Green Farm

    J&L Green Farm believes in the value of relationships in an effort to bring healing to declining farm land, stewarding the resources of our farms, and advancing the cause of sustainable farming. J&L values each and every family who purchases from their farm and becomes a team player in this cause.

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  • Laughing Horse Pottery

    Laughing Horse Pottery

    Wheel thrown, handmade and hand glazed decorative and functional pottery in mid-fire oxidation glazes. Beautiful form and functional, one of a kind decorative pieces. Let's them create something unique just for you! They do custom dinnerware too!

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  • Meadows Homestead and Farm

    Meadows Homestead and Farm

    Local Halifax, VA eggs! Local and fresh. Come and get them while they last! These eggs are not GMO-free. 

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  • Moses Mill Farm

    Moses Mill Farm

    Moses Mill Farm is located in Chatham, Virginia and is operated by our good friend Amy Davis.

    Moses Mill raises grass-fed Dexter cattle, pastured pork, pastured chicken and eggs. All of their products are non-GMO! You can find Moses Mill Farm at the Competition Ally Farmer's Market in Chatham, VA.

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  • Sweet Grass Dairy

    Sweet Grass Dairy

    Sweet Grass Dairy is a 140-acre family owned and operated farm in southern Georgia. Their award-winning cheeses are made from the milk of Jersey Cows and delivered to you with exceptional quality.

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  • WoodSong Farm

    WoodSong Farm

    Located in SW Virginia, the WoodSong family farm has grass-fed Finnsheep and Kerry Cows that provide wool, meat, and dairy products. They also work with to train and breed Old Time Scotch Collies/ Farm Shepherds.

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