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Frequently Asked Questions

Grass-fed & Pastured Meats

What do you feed your cattle?

Our cattle eat whatever grass and other forages are available on pasture for most of the year. At times we do not have enough grass to feed all of our cattle over the winter and then we supplement with hay purchased from neighboring farms. Cattle are also supplemented with loose minerals and/or mineral blocks and salt.

What do you feed your pigs?

Our pigs live in the woods around the edges of our pastures. They dig up roots and grubs to eat in addition to eating the leaves of many plants found in and on the edge of the woods. We supplement the pigs daily with a mix of wheat, peanuts and minerals – all non-GMO.

What do you feed your sheep?

Our sheep live on pasture year round. We supplement with hay as needed, but generally we find that the sheep prefer not to eat hay. We do use small quantities of the same feed that we give to the pigs as bribery to get the sheep into our handling system for the purpose of weaning, hoof trimming, and loading to go to the processor. We believe that bribery is much easier and less stressful on the animals than any attempt at herding them. Other than occasional bribery, the sheep and lambs are entirely grass-fed. They also receive either loose minerals or mineral licks and salt.

What do you feed the goats?

Goats eat a little bit of most green things, including trees. We use the goats to help control blackberry, multiflora rose, lespedeza, poison ivy and other undesirable plants. The goats kid (have babies) in the winter or early spring. Since there is little growing at this time and the ladies require extra nutrition to grow and feed their babies, we always supplement with hay and daily feedings of non-GMO grains and peanuts - but only in the winter time. We find the goats grow much better and stay healthier under this system. Goats also receive loose minerals or mineral blocks and salt.

Do you butcher animals at the farm?

No. In order to sell meat by the cut to the public, the animals must be slaughtered under USDA inspection. With the exception of animals that we use to produce sausage, all butchering (cutting into steaks, roasts, etc.) is also done under USDA inspection and those cuts are packaged by the processor.

The exception to this rule is when we bring home whole hogs, lambs, goats or chickens from the processor to make sausage. These animals are slaughtered under USDA inspection at one of our processors and we debone the meat and make our scratch-made sausages here in our VDACS-inspected farm kitchen.

Online Orders & Farm-to-Home Delivery

Is your meat frozen?

Yes. All of our meats are frozen at the processor, stored frozen here at the farm and shipped or delivered to you frozen.

How is your meat packaged?

All of our meat is vacuum sealed, except for bones – they are simply placed in a plastic bag and closed since they tend to create holes in the vacuum sealed packaging.

How do you package orders for shipping?

Orders for shipping are packed in boxes lined with insulation made from recycled plastic bottles. Each order is packed with a few frozen gel packs. When the weather is warmer, we add dry ice to ensure that your meat stays cold!

When will I receive my order?

If you’re in Virginia, the Carolinas, Georgia, or West Virginia: Deliveries arrive Tuesday (if you order by 8pm ET on Sunday) or Thursday (if you order by 8pm on Tuesday).You’ll see your next available delivery date at the top of every screen.

If you’re in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, or Florida: Order by 8pm Eastern on Sunday for delivery on Wednesday!

What if I won't be home on my delivery day?

No worries! Your order will be left at your front door in an insulated box. Just make sure to unpack it as soon as you get home.

How should I expect my order to arrive?

Your order will be packed in an insulated box with frozen gel packs or dry ice to keep it cold. Should any of your items be freshly thawed just put them into the fridge or refreeze them to use later.

How much does shipping cost?

Delivery fees vary by location. You’ll see the fee for your location at the bottom of your shopping cart. To avoid shipping fees, order for one of our pickup locations!

Who will deliver my order?

All orders for Home Delivery will be delivered by UPS.

When will my credit card be charged?

We charge by the pound for many of our products. We will not have your exact total until your order has been packed. After it is packed your card will be charged.

Is the insulated box recyclable?

Yes, the insulated liner of your box is completely recyclable as is the cardboard box. Just put them with your regular recycling.

Virginia pastured meats
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