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Why Buy Meat in Bulk?

May 26, 2022

Are you trying to talk yourself into a bulk meat purchase? I can help you!

I've got more than a few good reasons to to buy a bulk quantity of beef or pork this summer.


Reasons to buy in Bulk:

1) Save $$ - You get the best price on ALL the cuts when you buy in bulk - that's all the steaks, roasts, ground and other great cuts like stir fry and stew.

2)  Never have to buy meat of questionable origin or quality at the grocery store.

3)  You know that you are buying meat that was raised in a sustainable fashion on a regenerative farm - Regeneratively raised beef and pork build healthy soil. Healthy soil stores carbon. Storing carbon is good for the environment.

4)  Pasture raised meats are higher in many vitamins and minerals making them a healthier choice.

5) It's easier to meal plan when you've already got the main ingredient ready and waiting to be cooked!

6)  Consistent supply of beef from a source that you trust.


7) Security, these days (unfortunately), one never knows how supply and cost of any items at the grocery store will look....

Amie Herrera

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