We are changing the way we do business - that means we are moving to a Bulk Beef only model of sales! In order to make this transition we need to clear our freezers of all cuts! To this end - EVERYTHING on the website is 20% off with coupon code: FIRESALE20

Taste of the Farm Bundle - Unboxed!

January 21, 2020

We are growing, and we've made some big changes in the last year or so!

Among those changes are the addition of a Farm Store - which includes some storage space (for LOTS of freezers) and office space for me.

Following the Farm Store, we added Home Delivery through Fedex shipping.

We hope to add some new delivery locations in Northern Virginia soon also.

To help alleviate the pain of price increases for our customers we are introducing some new bundles and bulk discounts

You see, when you buy in bulk, we are able to offer you our best prices.  This is because we do not charge for the full cost of shipping - it's crazy expensive, and shipping is less costly per pound of meat sold when the boxes shipped are FULL and when we use our largest box size. 

To ensure full boxes, we encourage you to buy in bulk - this helps both of us out:  you get our best price and we pay less in shipping.  It also costs less to deliver a bulk purchase to you if you are on our delivery route.

If you have ideas for new bundles, please share in the comment section below the video! 

If you'd like to volunteer to make an unboxing video for us, contact Amie directly at amie@franchescasdawnfarm.com.  We are happy to trade for a generous credit on your Franchesca's Dawn Farm account!

Taste of the Farm Bundle UNBOXED!

The Taste of the Farm Bundle featured in the unboxing video from our long-time customer Carmella in North Carolina contains a mix of grass-fed beef, free-range nonGMO pork and pastured nonGMO chicken.  It'll give you a taste of our most popular meats, ranging from some of our best steaks and our most popular pork products to pastured chicken.

What are you waiting for?  Take a peek in the box now!

You can find the Taste of the Farm Bundle online here.

Amie Herrera

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