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Spring 2019 Lamb Coming Soon

February 20, 2019

Our lambing season is approaching quickly and it’s time to send the lambs from last year to the processor.  We have slowly grown our herd, but even so, we have only 3 lambs that will be processed this year.  All the ewe lambs (those are the girls) from last year get to hang around and continue growing our herd.

Look for our grass fed lamb to be back in stock by the end of March.

Halifax County JR Livestock Show LAMBS


If you were on the email list last spring, you may recall that I helped to sell some of the lambs that were shown by the kids at the Halifax Junior Livestock Show.  This project is very important to the future of agriculture.  The organizers of the show provide mentoring to young farmers (I think the
youngest may be 6 years!), training on livestock care and handling, and the opportunity to show and sell the animals that they’ve raised and  cared for. 

In the past, the lambs were auctioned off.  Starting last year, this was no longer the case and the kids are now responsible for selling their animals.  That’s where I come in!  I want to help them out, it’s about buying local and supporting local farms and future local farmers.

You can support this program – and our future American Farmers – by purchasing a whole or half lamb.  These lambs will not be grass fed, and are not GMO free.  However, they will be loved by their young, future farmers and well cared for.  I can also vouch for the fact that these kids are learning about farming through hands on experience. I cannot stress enough how vital programs like these are!

The kids, their families, and their mentors all work so hard on this project.  Let’s show them how important what they are doing is to the future of farming in America!

The show is not for another three months, so you have plenty of time to think on this.   Keep an eye out for more information and updates.  When I have more information I will put links to reserve and purchase lamb on the Franchesca’s Dawn Farm website.  I will also send an email, so if you don’t want to miss the lamb, please sign up for our email newsletter.

You can follow the Halifax County Junior Livestock Show on Facebook here.

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