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Sensational Sausages Coming Soon!

June 7, 2020

We took the dive and ordered equipment to start making our own sausages here on the farm!

It will be a couple of months until we are ready for production and sales - we wanted to have the equipment here before we finished the kitchen so that the final touches on the kitchen could be designed to accommodate and compliment the equipment.

After the equipment is here (the rest should arrive this week!!!) and the kitchen is ready, everything has to pass inspection to make our sausage "manufacturing" legit! I really don't like the work "manufacturing" as it suggests lots of processing in a big factory.  What I have in mind is definitely infinitely better in flavor and quality than anything you've tasted before!  I'm talking about small batches made by hand (with the help of electric grinder and mixer).

Kevin and I are really excited about this. 

We envision a "sausage of the month," or maybe seasonal sausages in addition to a regular line-up of classic flavors.  We certainly want to offer interesting and unique flavors, all made from scratch with fresh ingredients whenever possible.  And of course, we will feature our own pasture raise meats and maybe even chicken and turkey from other local farms!

I'm even thinking about making some other ready to cook foods like meat loaf, meat balls, rendered lard and beef tallow, jerky.....  The options are endless.

We'd like to eventually add a smoker and cure our own bacon and smoke sausages.

An inspected kitchen really opens a lot of opportunities for us and for you.

We want you to be a part of this adventure! So please, leave a comment at the bottom! 

Tell us:

What is your favorite sausage flavor?

Do you have a great sausage recipe that you'd like to share?

Have you been searching for a special sausage that you just can't find anywhere? 

Please tell us about it!  Maybe we can give it a try!

What other ready to cook products would you be interested in?

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