Sausages From Scratch

October 29, 2020

It took us nearly two years to get our little on farm kitchen built, buy sausage making equipment, and get it inspected so that we can make sausage sales legally (I have to stress legally as so many folks in our county make and sell sausages illegally... ).

I spent much of those two years daydreaming, experimenting with sausages, and of course purchasing sausage cookbooks. If I'm honest, I only need an excuse to purchase any cookbook. I now have a VERY large collection of sausage recipes from around the world!  And my sausage cookbook wish list continues to grow...

The problem is that I want to try so many sausage recipes. I literally have about 20 scraps of paper hanging out of each of the best cookbooks - each marking the location of an interesting recipe - recipes that I want to try.

I'm struggling to pace myself...  no need to try them all this week.

I hope that you are up to going on this sausage exploration journey with me!  It's going to be trip for sure.

Aside from the usual sausages, you know, the ones that I know will sell well on a regular basis like Sage, Bacon Breakfast and Cajun, I want to make new flavors for you to try. 


I want to take you around the world with me.  Not literally - but on a sausage tasting journey.

I want you to participate, to tell me which sausages you love and which ones you hate.  Be honest, I can take it! 

Tell me what you think would improve each sausage.  Tell me if I should NEVER make that one again! I promise I'll listen!

Tell me about new sausages that you'd like for me to try making!  Just keep in mind that we do not have a smoker yet (it's at the top of my wish list though) and we are not yet set up to make cured/dry aged sausages.  Eventually though, I think we will get there with the dry aged and cured sausages. 

The smoker will hopefully comer sooner than later!  In my head, it's a winter or early spring 2021 purchase!

I hope to offer a new sausage flavor or two every month or so.  Sort of a Sausage of the Month. 

To kick it off last month, I made a Chicken Cotechino and NOLA Chicken.  The Cotechino sausage was an almost sweet tasting sausage - though it has no sugar in it.  The NOLA was a Cajun style with a lot of seasoning and a little heat to it.

This month, in addition to Sage Sausage and Bacon Breakfast Sausage, I made Asian Sausage.  This one is fantastic to fill lettuce wraps.  You need nothing else, just fry up the sausage and serve it in lettuce leaves.  It would also be excellent to fill home made dumplings!


This week I rounded out the months new flavors with "Butifarra Dulce de Gerona." I picked this recipe as the unusual ingredients intrigued me! This one originates in the Catalonia region of Spain, particularly Gerona.  It can be prepared and eaten fresh or dried like a salami.  Reportedly it was the favorite dish of the painter Salvador Dali.  Traditionally, it is served with apples.

This Butifarra recipe includes paprika, honey, cinnamon, lemon zest, sherry and cream!  I can't wait to try it with the apples! 

I may be getting a little bit carried away with sausages...  Making and tasting new
sausage flavors just might be as addictive as buying pretty red cows with horns...

Amie Herrera

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