Restocking Inventory and Low Stock During COVID-19

May 8, 2020

We are working hard to restock and keep products in stock.  It's challenging but not insurmountable!  Mostly, it takes time.  We appreciate your patience while we work through it. 

Beef that is at the processor now is delayed a week, but keep an eye on our emails to be notified as soon as we are restocked.  Crossing my fingers that it's soon...Pork will be restocked the first week of June and I promise it will be worth the wait!   Hopefully chicken will be ready and in stock about the same time as the pork. 

Watch for next week's email with details on a bulk beef purchasing opportunity!

What we are doing to handle increased sales

Sales have picked up significantly for us.  This is both a blessing and a curse.  We planned to do some significant growing between this year and the next few years, so this is a good head start and we are grateful to both our old customers and new ones for choosing to support our family farm. 

The curse is that we were not prepared with excess inventory to handle the sudden influx of orders.

I want to be honest - I want you to know where your meat is coming from, so here's the scoop.  We
are working with a couple of other farms that also raise grass-fed beef.  One of these is Harris Farm Grown (HFG).   HFG normally sells almost exclusively through wholesale to restaurants - they do not have the infrastructure for mail order.  Partnering with them is a win all around.  They continue to make sales, we continue to serve old and new customers, and customers can find what they need.

We have purchased two whole animals from HFG which are currently being processedand have arranged for two to follow closely after the first two have sold.  These are being processed with our label on them. 

We are also working with Auburn Meadow Farms (ABF) in Pennsylvania.  ABF is all grass fed and finished and they also raise American Milking Devon cattle - our favorite breed!  The owner, Jackie Cleary, and I are good friends and in constant contact to discuss farming and support each other.  As it is becoming difficult, if not impossible, to get processing appointments, this beef is being processed in Pennsylvania and we hope to pick it up by the end of next week.  This beef will restock our ground and roasts.  It is being processed under our label.

Pork...  Pork is selling better than ever.  As soon as I put pork online, the cuts are selling out, this
has never happened before.  Pork is a littler harder to source from other farms while meeting our standards of pasture raised and nonGMO.  Three of our own GMO free hogs will be processed the last week of May.

Lamb is seasonal and some of our lamb will be processed late in August.  More in October.

Why can't we process more animals to restock faster?

First,we do not have enough beef or pork animals ready to process and second, we cannot get more appointments scheduled. 

There are several reasons why it's hard to get processing appointments right now:

- Increased purchasing of meat from local farmers means that we are all trying to book more animals to meet the demand.

 - Farmers that do not normally sell direct to consumer are butchering animals to feed themselves, their families, friends and of course to sell to friends and neighbors to make up income lost at this time.

 - Hogs raised in the big confined hog houses are being sold for cheap right now.  Farmers and individuals are attempting to capitalize on these sales as the animals are cheap.  They have booked a large number of appointments at our small processors, which is really stressing the system.To sum it up, all the local USDA inspected processors are overbooked.  Like, until after Christmas, and even into February.  It's insane.

So, in order to continue moving beef and help our customers source beef, we will continue to work with other farms to supplement the appointments that we do have, and we will be offering bulk beef processed at a custom processor.  Reach out to Amie to get on the wait list for bulk beef.

Amie Herrera

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