Introducing Sapphire Farm

June 14, 2020

First, I want to tell you how I met Heather (she and her husband Michael own Sapphire Farm).

When we first moved to Halifax, VA, I called all the local farms that were doing what we wanted to do.  I invited myself over for tours...  Yes - this does work - farmers love to talk to people about what they do and why they do it.  Just stop by here for a tour sometime and I'll talk your ear off...

I hit it off with Heather right away.  Heather and I have since relied upon one another for advice, help, loaning of tools and equipment and, of course, friendship.

Sapphire Farm


Sapphire Farm is the family owned and run farm of Heather and Micheal White. After serving more than 20 years in the US Navy, Michael and Heather decided to make a big life and career change: they bought land and moved to Halifax County, Virginia where they now farm along with their two incredible children.

The Whites decided to raise endangered rare heritage breeds.  One of the rarest heritage cattle breeds is Dutch Belted, which are known for their high milk fat and meat.Their cows are pasture raised in a truly holistic grazing system.

The White's real passion is for fresh raw milk, which they sell through a "cow share" program.  Heather makes other products such as yogurt and butter to sell to members of their cow share program.

Chickens and turkeys at Sapphire can lay under the trees, take a dust bath if they want and forage through the lush grass. Their freshwater is from a full-time year-round running spring. They are always under the watchful eye of the guardian livestock dogs. Chickens may eat bugs or dig for worms and they always have access to GMO-free feed.Animal by Products, Synthetic Amino Acids, Antibiotics, Hormones, Preservatives, or GMO's are never present in feed used at Sapphire Farm. 

The Whites keep a variety of heritage breed chickens to include Buckeye, Rhode Island Reds, Rangers plus fun new breeds like the True Whiting that lay blue and green eggs.

Turkey production at Sapphire Farm is based on two breeds. First, the Midget White, a slow growing bird that rears their own chicks and the Production White. This is a broad breasted bird that produces a nice turkey faster than the Midget White.

Red Wattles and Large Black pigs from Sapphire Farm are the bacon lover's
choice. Both are heritage breeds that take longer grow, but they are oh
so worth the wait.  Swine are raised in a pasture and woodland. The woodland provides shade when needed and root crops are planted in the pasture for pigs to dig up, keeping them busy looking for their food as they would in nature.

You can visit Sapphire Farm online at

Or, follow them on Facebook here.The below picture show the White's Dutch Belted cattle mowing their lawn!

Amie Herrera

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