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Introducing Brian's Acres

May 31, 2020

Pasture raised chicken is time consuming, and we decided a couple of years ago that raising chickens really wasn't something that we wanted to do.  There is, after all, a lot going on here and it's easier to let someone else raise chickens for us.  It's a collaboration that works for our partner farms as much as it does for us.  They don't want to focus on the retail end of sales or the marketing (which may be more challenging than farming!).  It's win-win for all us, including our customers.

Brian's Acres is one of two farms raising pastured chicken for us. They are located just up the road from us in Nathalie Virginia, so we are practically neighbors!  We are always excited to meet like minded people, and even more exciting is to find good people that we can partner with for farm endeavors.

Kaitlyn and Ben McQuig own and run Brian's acres along with their kids and Ben's parents. 


I asked where the name Brian's Acres came from and Kaitlyn told me that it's because they have three generations of Brian's working the farm!  That's pretty cool!  

This is what Ben has to say about Brian's Acres:

"Several life events, including the birth of our 1st child caused us to take a serious look into improving our health. That is when we came across pastured meat and learned how it benefits our health, the animal, and the environment (plus tastes great!).

We were immediately hooked and knew it was something that we wanted to try for ourselves. We decided to buy some land and teamed up with my (Ben's) parents to try our hand at raising chickens on pasture.

Our 1st year we raised enough for our family and found everything that we had heard to be true. That is when we decided that we wanted to share it with our community.

We invite you to join us on our journey to raising healthy/happy chickens!"

You can find Brian's Acres online here:  https://www.briansacres.com/

Follow them on Facebook here.

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