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How Buying Meat in Bulk Works

April 28, 2022

Buying meat in Bulk sounds scary. 

It's a lot of meat have to store, but it's also a LOT of money. I get it.

Buying in Bulk is also a huge convenience as your freezer will be ready for every meal with healthy, environmentally responsible, humanely raised, GMO free, grass-fed and finished beef and/or forested pork. It's the perfect opportunity to set yourself up for better eating (and feeding of family and friends!).

Here's how it works:

 - You place your order on our website with a deposit starting on May 8.

 - We will assign you a processing date in July, August or September for beef or June, July, August or September for pork.

 - Our local craft butcher will hang your beef for 14-21 days before cutting and packaging it. Your beef will be ready 2.5 - 3 weeks after the processing date.

 - Pork will be ready one to two weeks after the processing date (Bacon takes longer and will be shipped to you at a later date - I promise it's worth the wait!)

 - After we take delivery of your frozen meats, we will contact you to be sure that someone will be home to take delivery. 

 - We ship or deliver your order to your home for FREE! If you are on our delivery route, or near to it, we will deliver directly to your home. You also have an option to pickup here at the farm and enjoy a FREE tour of our farm while you are here.

That's it! It's easy. 

Watch for more info on pricing and how much freezer space you'll need to buy in bulk, plus we have a surprise bonus for you!

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