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Greenwashing 201

August 22, 2021

Welcome to Part II in our series about Greenwashing. 

In Greenwashing 101 I covered the use of imagery, be it photography or art, to manipulate consumers through visual suggestion into purchasing products that seem to fit their ideas and values. If you missed it or would like to read it again, click here.

Today, in Greenwashing 201 I'll discuss the power of words in advertising.

Greenwashing with words is marketing or advertising which uses "green" values and "green" marketing to deceptively persuade the public that an organization's products, aims and policies are environmentally friendly.

Greenwashing is often done with buzzwords. Words with vague unclear meanings such as eco-friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly, happy hens, sustainable etc.

But what exactly do these words mean? 

Is there a standard? 

How does a company actually prove that their business meets the consumers definition of these words? 

Because there's no one actually policing the use of some of these words.

What about "happy hens"? Who regulates this? No one! and how exactly is a hen's happiness measured?

Unfortunately, it's not just big corporations greenwashing your food. It's small family farms like ours as well! 

I know of at least one farm advertising their chicken as pasture raised - but the chickens are actually raised in a greenhouse. Sure they have an exit and can access the outdoors, but Cornish Cross meat chickens are fast growing and lazy, there is absolutely no way to guarantee that every single bird actually goes outside and grazes! This does not meet my definition for raised on pasture.

My definition of 'raised on pasture' means that after the brooding period (newly hatched chicks require a heat lamp and extract protection for the first 2 weeks of life to ensure they will survive - this is the brooding period) they live in mobile chicken housing and ALWAYS have pasture under foot. They are moved daily at LEAST. Sometimes twice daily. Nothing less meets my definition of pasture raised chicken.

Here at Franchesca's Dawn Farm, we're proud of our farm, and we're proud of the way that we raise our livestock.

We encourage you to come out and visit. I (Amie) am happy to give tours! I'll also talk your ear off about everything farm... well, just because I love it and enjoy sharing with you!

We aren't perfect by any means, but we try our best and we want to show you exactly how we raise your food.

Amie Herrera

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