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Cow-munity Cow-ordination - Save by Sharing a Whole Beef with Family & Friends

May 12, 2022

I have a plan... technology is not my friend, so it's kind of an experiment. But I am inviting you to take part in it!

The plan is to set up Cow-munity Cow-ordinators.  

The Cow-munity Cow-ordinators coordinate with friends, family, and colleagues to buy a whole cow and get the best price - the price of a whole cow for everyone who buys in, even if they buy only 1/8th of the cow. 

It works like this: 

  • I will set up a private page for a whole cow for each person interested in Cow-ordinating for their Cow-munity - just inform me of your interest through an email or text message and I will set it up.
  • I send the Cow-ordinator a link to their own private page.
  • The Cow-ordinator shares the link with anyone and everyone that they know who is interested (or might be interested) in bulk beef.
  • Eight 1/8th beeves will be available on your private page - though it is possible to add more 1/8ths to your cow (though the final weights on additional 1/8ths may vary slightly as they would come from another animal).
  • Anyone who buys Bulk Beef on your private page will be able to buy as many 1/8ths as they want for the same price as a whole cow! Just put as many 1/8ths as you want into the cart and pay the deposit.
  • The only catch is that you have to get the Whole Beef sold!! You have time though - until June 30!
  • As a bonus - the Cow-munity Cow-ordinator has first dibs on all organs and bones associated with the whole beef and I'll throw in 10 packs of our Scratch Made Sausages too!
  • I will keep the Cow-ordinator up-to-date on the number of 1/8 beeves sold on their private page.

The experimental part is that I have not done this with the website before. I have created a test page, and I believe that it will work as I expect..... If it does not, then it will simply be a bit more labor on my part to be certain that everyone in your Cow-munity gets the deal that they expect. It may also be that a special coupon might work, but we'll try this first!!

Just email, text or call me if you'd like to be a Cow-ordinator and I'll get you set up.

(703) 424-6497

I'm happy to answer any questions that you've got!

Amie Herrera

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