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Birth of a Calf

May 15, 2020
I always feel privileged when I catch an animal delivering her baby / babies here on the farm.  

It's a hard moment to catch with the cows.  I think in 5 years I've witnessed three births - including this one. 

Given the opportunity, the mama cow prefers to hide when she's delivering, and with good reason - a cow is at her most vulnerable when she's giving birth.  Coyotes may be the biggest danger in our area, but vultures will sometimes kill new calves and even attack grown cows.  Loose dogs also present a danger.  If the cows have access to a wooded area in their paddock, that's their first choice for delivering as it offers them some concealment.  That makes it so much harder to catch them in the act!

I want you to enjoy this moment too!

Amie Herrera

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