It’s totally been one of those days…  Nothing has gone right!

I need to give you some background before I dig into today’s fiascos.  Oh, and I should add that I’ve been sick as a dog since Monday!

Remember those two goats I picked up?  Yes, well, Monday, one got sick with bloat.  She was already beyond saving when I got out of bed and we lost her.  The remaining goat was a little frantic, as that was her twin sister and suddenly she was all alone.  Goats are herd animals after all.

To calm the frantic goat, I borrowed two goats from a friend.  I went to put them with the first goat.  But, as I pulled one from the kennel, the other launched past me and ran off, sheep and horses chasing after.  It would have been hysterical if I hadn’t just lost the second goat in as many days…  Ok, I might have gotten a good laugh out of it, but that was the NyQuil talking I think.

Fast forward to today.  This morning we moved the horses out to the field with the cows.

I was looking out the window about an hour later and saw said horses running around.  And not where we put them.

Since I’m sick I decided I’d deal with them after a nap.

I was taking said nap, when Carmin hollered, “MOM!!  The dogs have a goat!!!”

Needless to say, I ran down, wearing a t-shirt and not much else to rescue the goat.  He appears to be completely uninjured in spite of the fact that the Malinois was chewing on him and the other dogs were trying to help – help chew on him I think.

I was up, so I thought I had better go feed the pigs and see why the horses where not where we had put them.

Turns out the cows were out too.  A bull had gone through three fences (granted it was just electric polywire, easy to break), to get to the cows.  Great.  He got in there last week too.  I think there will be more babies than I was counting on next year.

I continued on my way to feed the pigs.  I was greeted by all of the boars (these are uncastrated males).  They are housed somewhere else……

I fed the three groups of pigs there while dodging the three loose boars, then I walked them back to their spot.

They had pushed several big logs onto their polywire and then crossed the polywire by walking on the logs.

The day is not over yet….

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